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Plywood birch
Plywood birch - Березовая фанера
Plywood coniferous
Plywood coniferous - Фанера хвойная
Laminated plywood
Laminated plywood-Ламинированная
Plywood moisture resistant
Plywood moisture resistant
Plywood under a timbering
Plywood under a timbering
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Plywood birch

Birch plywood, the plywood which external layers are made of a birch interline interval (internal thus is considered can be both deciduous, and coniferous).
Birch plywood has received enough wide circulation that was promoted by three circumstances:
 * the Birch is much more widespread tree, rather than other deciduous breeds;
 * Birch trunks seldom happen suitable for manufacture of a qualitative board or a bar that is reflected in quality of birch plywood;
 * the Birch interline interval differs high durability, in small density and very beautiful structure that does suitable birch plywood including in furniture manufacture;
 the Sphere of application of birch plywood directly follows from its properties is first of all furniture manufactures and furnish.
 Moreover, cases of many small planes are made till now their birch plywood processed in appropriate way. Application of plywood and in building, однака less than coniferous plywood, as birch plywood more expensive is developed.
Features of storage of birch plywood: birch plywood is necessary for containing in the dry, aired warehouses isolated from hit of a moisture. As well as all other kinds of plywood, birch plywood - to some extent, therefore special attention it is necessary to give a combustible material to fire safety of a warehouse or a premise where birch plywood is stored.

The specification
The format, mm 1525х1525,
 2440 х 1220,
1220 х 2440,
 2500 х 1250, 1250 х 2500
Thickness, mm
4.0,     6.0,     6.5,   8.0,
9.0,     10.0,   12.0, 15.0,  18.0,   21.0,   24.0,
 27.0,   28.0,   30.0,
 32.0,   35.0
Maximum deviation on length (width) + / - 2мм
A plywood grade (quality of external layers):
1/2 2/2, 2/3 3/3, 3/4 4/4
Quantity of layers from 3 to 25 depending on a thickness
Quality of a surface
*grinded on the one hand,
The сlass of issue of formaldehyde
Е1 (to 8 mg on 100 г absolutely dry plywood)
Water resistance usual (FК), raised (FСF)
Humidity of 5-12 %
Strength of
chop not less than 1.0 МPa
Certification DIN 68705-3 (only for FСF), EN 13986, EN 636-3, GOST Р, the Hygienic certificate

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