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Plywood birch - Березовая фанера
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Plywood coniferous - Фанера хвойная
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Laminated plywood-Ламинированная
Plywood moisture resistant
Plywood moisture resistant
Plywood under a timbering
Plywood under a timbering
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Moisture resistant plywood

Bakelise plywood (or Bakelite plywood) is impregnated special bakelite by a varnish at the expense of what is a moisture resistant material. Bakelise plywood (Bakelite plywood) possesses high indicators of physicomechanical properties at the expense of what it is applied in shipbuilding, motor industry and building.
Bakelise plywood (or Bakelite plywood) most of all approaches for building in difficult conditions and is especially steady against environment influence. Bakelise plywood (or Bakelite plywood) possesses firmness to influence of various excited environments (for example, fairwall). At the expense of these especial characteristics Bakelise plywood (or Bakelite plywood) is used even in a tropical climate and in sea water. Bakelise plywood (or Bakelite plywood) represents a birch interline interval with mutually perpendicular arrangement of fibres in adjacent layers.
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