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Plywood birch - Березовая фанера
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Plywood coniferous - Фанера хвойная
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Laminated plywood-Ламинированная
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Plywood moisture resistant
Plywood under a timbering
Plywood under a timbering
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Plywood under a timbering
Decorative plywood under a timbering depending on a kind of a facing covering and pitches applied at its manufacturing marks: DF-1 and DF-3 the transparent colourless and painted covering on the basis of a sulphatic paper, DF-2 and DF-4.It`s can opaque covering a paper on which the drawing usually simulating a structure of wood is put.
A plywood covering under a timbering of marks DF-1 and DF-2, made with use  pitches, less water resistance, than plywood of marks DF-3 and DF-4 with use  pitches.
To plywood manufacturing under a timbering apply an interline interval from wood of a birch and, less often, other deciduous breeds. For internal it is supposed to apply an interline interval from wood of coniferous breeds. Decorative plywood under a timbering is applied in quality
sheathered  material in building, by auto- and shipbuilding, in furniture manufacture, other areas of mechanical engineering.
Plywood for a panel board timbering and for a car - in vagono - and
the structure container make of a birch interline interval and an interline interval of coniferous breeds.

The Specification:

 1) Humidity ≤10%
Strength at the
chop off on a glutinous layer, MPа, not less:
* after bowling in water during 1hour 0,6-1,5
* after
soaking in water during 24ч 0,6-1,5
* Strength at a static bend along fibres of external layers, MPа, not less: 30-60
* Strength at a stretching along fibres, МPа, not less than 30
2) Curvature: ±1%
3) Possible admissions on a thickness: ±0.5mm, ±0.3mm
4) The phenolic film of brown or black colour
5) Ramery: 1,220-1525 x 1525-3050х 6-30mm
6) The basis: a birch, a poplar, coniferous breeds
7) Glue: waterproof,
8) Film density: 120g/m2.
Technical details:
1) the Covering:
* the smooth phenolic film connected to a basis by hot pressing at the big pressure. The film consists of the special paper impregnated with phenolic pitch. Film weight 120g/m2, 2240g/m2. The film is steady to истиранию and a moisture. Probably multilayered covering a film.
2) Protection of edges:
* plywood Edges are protected by a waterproof paint. Colour of a paint by request. On request of the customer of an edge can not be protected.
3)A class of issue E1.
* the Note: the minimum parametres are given for plywood from the poplar, maximum for plywood from the Birch

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