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Board edging
Bar coniferous from the manufacture
Bar coniferous from the manufacturer
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Board edging (pine)
Board edging (pine):
25x100 mm
25x150 mm
38x150 mm
50x100 mm
50x150 mm
50x200 mm
50x225 mm
100x100 mm
Length - 3000 – 6000 mm.
The nominal sizes on a thickness and width of boards define after measurement of humidity taking into account size of the shrinkage established by GOST -standarts 6782.1-75 (for coniferous boards). Packing, marks, storage of saw-timbers correspond to requirements of GOST 19041-85.

Our company can offer you an interline interval from the most popular breeds of wood: the Beech, the Oak, the Maple, the Ash-tree Light. You can look guiding prices more low. The price on an interline interval 10%
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