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The company Richwood specialises on deliveries of a complex of building materials and the technologies used in monolithic building, complex of materials for hydro-protections and thermal protections of a roof and painting and decorating.Our Company "Richwood" is organised in 1999 for the purpose of a complete set of building objects by building materials and the building equipment. 
The basic production the companies is the plywood, the laminated plywood, plywood light, plywood waterproof (moisture resistant), a timbering of walls, a timbering of overlappings, a timbering of columnsa beam for monolithic building, a rack telescopic and other building designs and other building designs. Also we offer laminated plywood. 
 We are one of the largest suppliers of such materials as heaters, a thermal protection , expanded polystyrene, gypsum cardboard,   plates, dry mixes,  stone or basalt cotton wool, glass wool, polyfoam. Also we offer a smallpox or osb, saw-timbers, laminited timbers and other.   


Telephone in Israel:     (+972)054-2282420 - hebrew
                                          054-2058505 - russian,eng.

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