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Our prices:
Dear Sirs! We offer to you sawn timber by next.
Moisture 18%

Sizes in mm:

Lengths 3000 – 4800, one lenghts in packet

Quality U/S on price 235,00 € / mі ( VAT 0% )
Quality V on price    205,00 €/ mі ( VAT 0% )
Quality VI on price  170,00 €/ mі ( VAT 0% )

FOB Pietarsaari, Finland
We can deliver to you, total all qualities, 2000 mі / month (two thousands in month).
Our firm wishes to conclude with you the long-term contract on delivery of timber from coniferous breeds of wood.
We will be waiting for your answer.
We are ready to consider your counter offers.

With great regard!

The specification:
Plywood lead of birch (Plywood / "sendwich" - from the Birch)

 Name :FK (in Russia) - "interior" (for use "indoors"):
1. The sizes (Size) sheet:
 1).1525 (mm) х1525 (mm)
 2).2135 (mm) х1525 (mm)
 3).2440 (mm) х1220 (mm)
*making  from plywood (look "Price-List" (Inclosure N1)

 FCF (waterproof), "coniferous", "aspen" and Laminated.

2. A grade (Grade): - II/III - (BB/CP), - as the SAMPLE (look Inclosure 1)

 Thickness of sheet (Thickness) at the size of sheet 1525 х 1525 (mm) at the size of sheet 2135 х 1525 (mm)
Slim sheet (Thickness)for 1м3 4 (mm) 1230$ (USD) 1310$ (USD)
for 1 (one) sheet (in 1м3-93 sheet) 4 (mm) 13,0$ (USD) 17,0$
for 1м3      12 (mm)     
for 1 (one) sheet
(in 1м3 - 35sheet)
12 (mm) 26,0$ (USD) 38,0$
for 1м3 18 (mm) 905$ (USD) 950$ (USD)
for 1 (one) sheet
 (in 1м3 - 24 sheets)
18 (mm) 38,0$ (USD) 56,0$

the PRICE, includes all expenses on delivery of the Goods (plywood), to port Ashdod (Israel), without the VAT .
The PRICE, depends from:
 * the Kind of used wood (a birch/birch, coniferous/fir, an aspen/aspen) -
   * "birch" - the most expensive, ("coniferous" and "aspen" is cheaper on ~ 10-15 %;
   * Grades (presence of "defects" (knots, damages, etc.)
 *On a sheet plane
   -  than them it is more and than "more considerably"
   -  that more low the Grade and more low the Price;
 *Water resistance (Waterproof plywood) surfaces,
 *FCF, ("exterior" - outside of a premise) -  are more expensive to use from "usual" (FK)
lower on ~10-15% (depending on a thickness of sheet);
 * From processing degree  grinder: grinder, not grinder, grinder
on the one hand, laminated  etc.,
 *  the "more" processings on a sheet surface,
 *  the more expensively plywood.

Volume of loading of the standard sea container (DV):
 - 40'DV-42/44 m3;
- 20'DV-20/22 m3.

IMPORTANT! The PRICE of sheet of plywood as depends, on its Area (Sm2)! It is necessary to pay attention of the Client for the Size (Size) sheet.
At all sizes (Size) the different Area (S m2) "quadrature", and it, always meant that one sheet - is Less (м2), and another - is More (м2), for example:
1). 1,525 х1,525 (= 2,325 (м2) / it is less;
2). 2,135 х 1,525 () = 3,255 (м2) / it is more.

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