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Bar coniferous from the manufacture
 Saw-timbers from valuable deciduous breeds of wood, irreplaceable for joiner's and furniture works, - a massive edging, not edging, semiedging board of an oak (white, bleached, natural light), a beech, a linden, a cherry, a hornbeam, etc. 8-12 % are made by humidity of wood of Sibir territory and northern caucasus, and a birch - from the Midland of Russia.
Unfortunately, not all manufacturers of saw-timbers know and observe the basic processes necessary for preservation of natural natural properties of wood and prolongation of her life: preservation (drying), correct protection against biodestructions and fire concern them (impregnation).
Wood the fence, at building and which furnish is used not enough dry and incorrectly processed material (a bar, a log, a floor board, plywood and other saw-timbers) is subject strong, to a curvature of walls, rotting from a rain and snow, damage by insects. Therefore we recommend not to hasten with purchase of the cheapest saw-timbers, and to choose the supplier, having estimated preliminary its industrial base, experience, observance by factory of technological processes, – only so it is possible to get really qualitative materials. In an industrial complex of our company there is a site of drying of wood in great volumes where are dried up extended (a pine, a fur-tree) and valuable breeds of a tree (a beech, an oak, a larch, etc.). Application of the Italian technology on the basis of water heating guarantees high quality of drying without internal and external cuttings, ruptures and wood cracks.

Ready saw-timbers of a various assortment (the detailed assortment is presented here in the price-list): - on sale  a board edging strong needles (a pine, a fur-tree) natural humidity in width 100, 150, 200 mm;
It suggested we sell a board dry edging coniferous breeds (a pine, a fur-tree) width 100, 150, 200 mm; - available saw materials: a board dry  needles (a pine, a fur-tree);
It suggested to buy saw materials from a larch: the board dry, a strong board (a massive board of a floor), is possible purchase gluered; a bar and
the cylinder logs;
We realise saw-timbers a bar and needles (a pine, a fur-tree) natural humidity;
On sale dry saw materials from wood of valuable breeds: a bok, an oak, a cherry, a linden, an ash-tree, an alder, an acacia, a hornbeam, a larch, a maple, a nut (in more details assortment and the prices look here in the price-list). We make a bar a building and edging material. We provide delivery of complete sets of building saw-timbers. We make a bar 200 х 200, 150 х 200 etc.
Manufacture of saw-timbers is carried out in quantity, the nomenclature and on the sizes of the customer. Let out production corresponds GOST - standarts 8486-86 and 26002-83. On the warehouse areas of group of companies "Transwoods" always available the big assortment not edging, edging (a board edging) and dry saw-materials various sections. Representatives of the building organisations, joiner's manufactures, the industrial industry, and also private persons can always get at us necessary for the is industrial-economic activities corresponding saw-materials.
How to get ready saw-materials?
1) Shipment at own expense from our Trading warehouse;
2) For the order and purchase of saw-timbers with our delivery you need to call or write only to us on the electronic address of an e-mail(see contact us)
And our managers will be ready to execute your order with the subsequent delivery to object in assortment: - a board not edging, edging,  dry various breeds and the sizes, - a bar of any section, euro-standart - any massive wood products to order. Saw-timbers of the non-standard sizes can be sawed, in the presence of technical possibility, to order under the separate contract.

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