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Plywood coniferous

In general coniferous plywood is slightly better deciduous as the interline interval, made, as a rule, has their wood of coniferous breeds of less defects; besides, thanks to presence of natural pitches wood of coniferous breeds possesses большей water resistance.Coniferous plywood the Given kind of plywood is made basically from a pine which properties provide not only an attractive and harmonious kind of a surface, but also excellent indicators of durability at low weight that is successfully used in housing construction (a covering of walls, a basis under floors, a covering of roofs, a construction of partitions in premises).
 The natural beauty of a structure and a wood colouring do coniferous plywood irreplaceable in furniture manufacture, interior and ex-terrier registration. Coniferous plywood possesses high firmness to rotting and infection with fungi. Coniferous plywood possesses such qualities because the needles are impregnated by pitches and have on a basis  glue. Coniferous plywood is applied to roofing works. Coniferous plywood will serve all service life of a "soft" roof. The
basis  glue, the raised moisture resistance of coniferous plywood, provide application for a long time.
 Coniferous plywood while in service changes the initial dimensions on a thickness to 0,03 %, on length and width on 0,02 %.
 * a beautiful structure of wood
 * durability at the minimum weight
 * the raised water resistance
 * fast installation and easy processing
 * possibility of a combination with other materials the big format Application
 * low housing construction
* furniture manufacture
 * internal furnish
 * constructional materials
 * building
 * motor industry packing

The specification
The format mm        
 2440 х 1220,
 1220 х 2440,
 2500 х 1250,
 1250 х 2500
Thickness, mm
 6.5,  8.0,   9.0,   9.5,
12.0, 12.5, 15.0, 16.0,
18.0, 19.0,  21.0,  22.0,
24.0,  27.0,  30.0

   Maximum deviation on length (width) + / - 2мм
A plywood Grade (quality of external layers) BX Elite, ВХ, CX +, СХ
 Quantity of layers from 3 to 17 depending on a thickness Quality of a surface 
grinded, not-grinded
The Class of issue of formaldehyde Е1
(to 10 mg on 100 г absolutely dry plywood)
Water resistance usual (ФК), Raised (ФСФ) Humidity of 5-10 % Strength at
of choping not less than 0.9 MPa
Pedigree structure a pine / a fur-tree
Certification DIN 68705-3 (only for ФСФ), EN 13986, EN 636-3, GOST Р, the Hygienic certificate

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